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Indonesian President’s Game-Changing Move: What You Need to Know About the BRICS Summit in South Africa

Indonesian President Joko Widodo sets off to South Africa for the BRICS summit in Johannesburg. There’s buzz that Indonesia might join the group. The summit unites major emerging economies led by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It’s a three-day affair beginning Tuesday.

“Indonesia’s got an invite to the BRICS summit. Alongside, there’ll be chats with other global leaders,” Widodo shared before his departure. It’s his first African journey as the head of Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

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Earlier, he mentioned Indonesia’s uncertain stance on joining BRICS. The gang, born in 2009, aims to curb Western economic dominance worldwide. They make up 23% of the world’s GDP and 42% of its population.

Apart from the BRICS huddle, Widodo plans to drop by Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique for tighter partnerships. Tanzania and Kenya opened Jakarta embassies last year. Mozambique holds the honor of being the first African nation to ink a Preferential Trade Agreement with Indonesia.

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