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Canva Founder Net Worth $26 Billion

The Remarkable Rise of Canva: Melanie Perkins’ Journey to a $26 Billion Startup

Melanie Perkins, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Canva, has turned her graphic design platform into a global sensation, reaching a staggering valuation of net worth $26 billion. In the process, she’s made history as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of our time, with a net worth estimated at around $8 billion.

Melanie Perkins was born in Perth, Australia, in 1987. Her entrepreneurial spirit ignited early when she ventured into yearbook design while still in high school. After high school, she pursued higher education at the University of Western Australia, where she studied philosophy and commerce.

During her university days, fate brought Melanie together with Cliff Obrecht, her future husband and a fellow aspiring entrepreneur. Together, they embarked on a web design business journey. Upon graduation, the pair relocated to Sydney, driven by their unwavering determination to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

In 2012, Melanie conceived a groundbreaking idea for a user-friendly graphic design platform accessible to everyone, regardless of their design experience. Melanie and Cliff tirelessly pitched their concept to investors, facing over 100 rejections.

However, they persisted against all odds and eventually secured the funding needed to launch Canva in 2013. Canva achieved instant success, rapidly becoming a top choice among graphic design platforms worldwide.

Canva’s popularity stemmed from its simplicity and an extensive range of templates and tools. Users could effortlessly create anything from social media graphics to presentations and posters. Canva’s freemium model allowed users to access many features for free, contributing to its widespread appeal.

Canva’s growth has been explosive in recent years, boasting over 60 million users spanning 190 countries. It has also garnered substantial funding, with investors like Sequoia Capital and Blackbird Ventures contributing over $1 billion.

Melanie Perkins stands as a beacon for aspiring female entrepreneurs globally, demonstrating that perseverance can lead to the creation of a thriving startup. She’s also deeply committed to philanthropy, generously donating millions to various charitable causes and educational institutions.

How Melanie Perkins Built Canva into a Multi-Billion Dollar Powerhouse

Melanie Perkins’ journey to building Canva into a multi-billion dollar enterprise hinged on three key strategies:

  1. Accessibility: Melanie ensured Canva was user-friendly, enabling anyone to design professional-quality content. The platform offered a treasure trove of templates and tools that users could effortlessly manipulate.
  2. Versatility: Canva provides an array of features, allowing users to create diverse design types, from social media graphics to presentations and posters.
  3. Freemium Model: By adopting a freemium model, Canva attracted a broad user base, making its features accessible to all.

Melanie Perkins’ Impact on the World

Melanie Perkins’ work at Canva has had a profound impact on the world. The platform democratized creativity by making graphic design accessible to all, spurring job creation and economic growth.

Beyond Canva, Melanie actively champions female entrepreneurs and education through her generous donations to charitable causes and educational institutions.

Melanie Perkins’ Vision for the Future

Melanie envisions a future where Canva becomes the go-to platform for all visual content creation needs. She intends to expand Canva’s offerings, including features like video editing and animation, to cater to a broader audience.

Additionally, Melanie is committed to using Canva as a force for positive change, facilitating skill acquisition, creative expression, and meaningful contributions to society.


Melanie Perkins has carved her place in history as one of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs, transforming Canva into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon while advocating for important social causes. Her journey serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Additional Insights

  • Melanie Perkins earned a spot on Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list in 2021.
  • She holds the distinction of being the youngest woman ever featured on the Australian Financial Review Rich List.
  • Canva has consistently been recognized as one of the best workplaces in Australia over several years.

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