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Listening to the condition of the heart

Talking about the heart, you miss the tag line of an ed of Quick Fix (or Favi Quick), ‘Joint Everything Except Broken Heart’ i.e. add everything except the broken heart. The broken heart is the root of all troubles. KL Sehgal has been said (heard) long ago, ‘What will you do when the heart is broken.’ On World Health Day, we will not only talk about real heart, but will also discuss the film. The heart of films, especially Bollywood movies beats in ‘Dil’.

Talking about Bollywood, most of the heroes coming to the super star’s category have climbed on the ladder of popularity, whether Devanand, or Rajesh Khanna or Shah Rukh Khan. Leave exceptions like Amitabh Bachchan. By the way, Shah Rukh’s previous two films ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’ are also not romance. But Shahrukh’s image is still of a romantic hero.

Fake heart shifts to the original heart world. As long as the heart is beating, there is life. If there is no heart, life is not life, then not the world. World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September every year to make people aware of this heart health. In the participation of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the year 2000, the World Heart Federation celebrates this day every year. The United Nations decided to celebrate Heart Day due to the number of rising heart diseases and the increasing number of people suffering from it.

The most special due to 29 percent of the deaths occurring every year around the world is heart related diseases and heart attack. According to an estimate, more than 1.70 crore people get into death every year due to heart disease and heart attack. Talking about the main causes of heart disease, our lifestyle, extreme stress and hypertension emerge mainly. Diabetes, excess smoking, obesity and fatty food have also increased the cases of heart disease.

Many misconceptions have spread among people about heart disease. WhatsApp University has also increased people’s mistakes about this. It is not that wrong information is served on social media, some work is also done. But understanding the information available on social media in the right perspective, analysis and implementing it properly is not in the bus, so it is necessary to take appropriate steps in this regard only after consulting cardiologists. Also, let us tell that the information in this article is based on the things heard in common life. Therefore, take a decision only after taking advice of experts about this.

Some myths about heart disease are also spread in the society. For example, the biggest and dangerous myth is that every kind of exercise is beneficial for the heart. This notion is not correct. Recently, there have been many such incidents where there has been a heart attack during or after exercising in the gym. Similarly, it is also wrong thinking that the risk of heart disease is reduced in women. Actually, modern lifestyle has reduced the difference in the way women and men live their lives. It is true that they are protected to an extent due to the stay of estrogen hormones in women, but the risk of this disease has increased due to smoking, eating, and intake of birth control pills. Heart disease is less in youth, this perception also seems to be broken especially for some time.

The disease can be avoided by taking a little exercise, low eating less salt, less fatty food, fresh vegetables and fruits, distance from smoking and change in lifestyle. The needs of life, busyness and emergency have increased more than the extent and due to this, stress in our life has taken deep homes. The most important is to get rid of this stress. Entertainment can be a means for this. So let’s go a little away from heavy information and peep into the world of entertainment and make the heart light. Talking about films, romance is its favorite subject and it is not possible to imagine romance without the interference of the heart. Talking about lyricists, if their pen does not run on the heart, then their writing remains incomplete. Leave the exception. Film lyricists have written openly on the heart.

Let’s look at some… Dil dena di dardar is the game of Dildar, Darde Dil, Darde Jigar, you have awakened in the heart, ask what happened, what happened, what happened Somebody should ask today, from the eyes of the heart, the gestures of the heart of the heart, the heart is not poor, the heart is poor, the heart of the heart My heart is ..

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Lyricists have also spoken some deep things about the heart…

Listen to the condition of the heart, Dilwala, small thing, not chili masala, will say that will be said….

Poets have also run a lot of pen on the heart. Poetry on the heart is like that his favorite pastime which stayed… Here a lion is formed here .. Somebody has said a lot.

Tera khayal teri sam and teri arzu,

There is a crowd in my heart city…