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President Biden’s Unexpected Revelation: The Mystery Behind His Missing Home!

You know, they say there’s no place quite like home, but President Joe Biden finds himself in a bit of a situation. In an unplanned moment, Biden chatted with reporters on a Sunday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, right after attending Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church. He wanted to clarify that he wasn’t off on vacation mode.

With a thoughtful expression, Biden shared, “I don’t really have a place to head back to.” It’s a bit of a puzzle: he’s a weekday dweller at the White House and often spends weekends at his two homes in Delaware.

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He let us in on a secret—his trusty pals over at the U.S. Secret Service have been busy sprucing up his main digs in Wilmington, Delaware, making it extra secure in a way that’s definitely a plus. It’s been a few months since he’s spent a cozy night there.

“So when I come back to Delaware, it’s kinda like I’m a wanderer,” he chuckled, referring to his other spot, the one in Rehoboth Beach. “Right now, this is my go-to spot. Just for today, though.”

After a jaunt to Florida to assess the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, Biden rolled into the Delaware coast on a Saturday night. Originally, his Labor Day weekend plans included lounging here, but he shifted gears after the storm hit.

Come Monday, he’s got a date with Philadelphia to address a lively AFL-CIO rally.

A couple of weeks back, he and his family took a breather out in Nevada’s Lake Tahoe region. The Republican National Committee tends to give him a hard time for stepping out of the White House on weekends.

The whole security upgrade tale about his Wilmington abode was first mentioned in April. Biden spilled the beans as he lounged in his beachy haven after jetting back from Ireland.

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And when the question came up on Sunday whether he’s practically saying he’s got no place to call his own, Biden was quick to clarify. He grinned and quipped, “Nah, I’m not exactly without a home. I’ve got a splendid home, actually. But today, today I can’t head back there, you know?”

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