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President Biden’s Secret Getaway: Inside the Luxurious Lake Tahoe Retreat Owned by a Former Rival!

Guess where President Biden and his fam are unwinding? None other than a cozy vacation pad in Lake Tahoe, owned by climate crusader and one-time Dem prez contender Tom Steyer.

Rolling into Nevada last Friday, Joe and Jill Biden are making the most of their week-long vacay at the lakeside crib. Before kicking back, though, Biden had a sit-down summit with Japan and South Korea’s top dogs at Camp David.

This sweet escape? It’s the swanky digs of Tom Steyer and his partner-in-crime, Kat Taylor. Steyer, who took a shot at the 2020 presidency, is a real bigwig in the climate change arena. Plus, he’s a billionaire backer of Dems and a savvy investor.

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Remember when Steyer threw his hat in the ring for prez, too? Yeah, it didn’t pan out, and he bowed out, leaving Biden to claim the ultimate prize.

Fast forward to 2021, Steyer gets in on the green action with Galvanize Climate Solutions. Their goal? Speed up tech that’s good for Mother Earth and cut down on carbon. Talk about a switch from politics to planet-saving!

Just so you know, the White House said this ain’t no loaner pad – they’re renting it like anyone else. According to the Associated Press, Biden’s crew, including Hunter Biden, flew the friendly skies on Air Force One to join the party. Hunter, caught up in some legal tangle, was already soaking in Tahoe vibes when the big man himself touched down.

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