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Shocking Twist: President Biden’s Testimony Threatened in Hunter Biden’s Trial

Hunter Biden’s legal team issued a warning to prosecutors last year. They hinted that if criminal charges were filed against Hunter, they’d make the president testify for his defense. This insight was revealed in a report.

Chris Clark, Hunter’s lawyer, penned a letter to prosecutors in October after news broke that federal agents had evidence of the first son buying a firearm while using crack cocaine. Clark stated that if Hunter faced charges, they’d compel the commander-in-chief to take the witness stand.

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Obtained by Politico, the 32-page letter detailed how President Biden would become a crucial defense witness in any criminal trial. About 300 additional pages of emails reviewed by the outlet shed light on why Hunter’s plea deal, which aimed to spare him prison time, unraveled at the last minute the prior month.

At 53 years old, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to federal tax and gun charges in Delaware on July 26. This occurred after the plea deal, criticized by congressional Republicans for its leniency, was revoked by US District Judge Maryellen Noreika. The judge had concerns about ongoing investigations into potential additional offenses committed by Hunter, including his alleged failure to register as a foreign agent for lucrative dealings with foreign countries involving his father. Under persistent questioning, Clark declared the deal “null and void.”

Leading up to this, during private negotiations, Clark and his team expressed worries about the intense political climate surrounding the case. They raised concerns about pressure from Republican lawmakers and the potential damage to the DOJ’s reputation. Clark argued that having the president’s son on trial, pitting the president against his own Justice Department would lead to constitutional turmoil.

Clark emphasized, “This case doesn’t justify the spectacle of a sitting President testifying at a criminal trial or the risk of a resulting Constitutional crisis.”

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Recently, tax misdemeanor charges against Hunter Biden were dismissed by Judge Noreika. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Delaware US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel for the case. This allows him to bring charges without the need for approval from Biden appointees in other districts, which had previously blocked Weiss’s attempts to charge Hunter with millions of dollars worth of tax fraud.

Hunter is anticipated to face trial in either Washington DC or Southern California. The legal saga continues to unfold, revealing intricate connections between high-stakes politics and the judicial system.

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