Tragedy in Jabalia: Over 90 killed and 100 injured in Israeli attacks on Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza.

Residential Block Hit: Strikes targeted a residential block in Jabalia, impacting the al-Barsh and Alwan families.

Victims Include Women and Children: Women and children among the dead, with dozens still missing.

Ongoing Search for Survivors: First responders and locals are searching for the wounded; more bodies expected under the rubble

Medical Centers Overwhelmed: Injured, including children, taken to overwhelmed medical centers in the vicinity.

Prominent Casualty: Son of the spokesman for Palestinian Islamic Jihad group among the deceased.

Challenges in Recovery: Intensity of Israeli fire hampers efforts to recover bodies trapped under rubble.

Widespread Impact: Deaths reported in Deir el-Balah and Rafah due to Israeli air attacks

Humanitarian Crisis Escalates: Artillery shelling in southern Gaza exacerbates the humanitarian situation; people desperate for food and water.

Displacement and Starvation: About 80% of Gaza's population, 1.9 million people, displaced; risk of hunger, disease, and weak immunity.