Unlocking Tasmania's Wealth: Grange Resources in Focus" – Grange Resources mining operations in Tasmania.

Grange's Vision" Producing steel raw material efficiently and economically.

Stakeholder Focus" Grange's actions prioritize stakeholders, ensuring efficiency and flexibility.

Mines Ownership"  Grange owns mines in Savage River, Port Latta, and Southdown.

Major Stakeholder"  Jiangsu Shagang holds a significant stake in Grange Resources.

Dividend Dates 2022" Dividends paid on 29 Mar 2022, Forecast on 29 Sep 2022.

Consistent Dividends"  Grange Resources Limited has a history of consistent dividends.

Dividend Reinvestment"  No information available on Grange Resources dividend reinvestment.

Investment Recommendation" Grange Resources is recommended as a buy with increasing revenue and EBIT margins.

Long-term investment suggested due to an upward trend and insider holdings.