Perfect Balance of Power and Comfort

Despite a large 5000mAh battery, the realme C67 maintains a slim 7.59mm body, ensuring comfortable grip and style.

Sunny Oasis Design

Inspired by a radiant oasis, the design blends vitality and sophistication, turning the phone into a canvas of style in Sunny Oasis and Black Rock.

Gradient Magic

The advanced gradient coating process transforms the green hue on the back panel into a three-dimensional spectacle, adapting to various lighting conditions

Camera Deco Statement

Slimmer, more robust, and adorned with golden accents, the camera deco not only enhances aesthetics but also provides durable protection.

Vibrant 90Hz Display

The 17.07cm (6.72”) 90Hz display elevates visual experiences, offering smooth and immersive visuals with every interaction

Innovation and Design Excellence

The realme C67 is a testament to realme’s commitment to innovation, design excellence, and a champion in the smartphone arena.

Sunny Oasis Radiance

The phone introduces a captivating display, thoughtful design elements, and stands out in a crowded market

Mobile Experience Elevator

More than a smartphone, the realme C67 marries elegance and functionality, redefining mobile experiences

Declaration of Style and Innovation

The realme C67 is not just a phone; it’s a declaration of style and innovation, soon to hit markets across Pakistan.

Champion in a Crowded Arena

With its unique features and design, the realme C67 stands out as a champion in the competitive smartphone market