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Zomato Share Price Prediction 2023 2024 2025 2030 2040

Zomato, the prominent Indian online food delivery company founded in 2008, has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, becoming one of the leading food delivery platforms in India. Its stock price has also shown a positive trend, currently trading at around INR 67 per share. In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to Zomato share price target growth and provide predictions for the years 2023 to 2040.

Factors Contributing to Zomato’s Share Price Growth

Continued Growth in the Online Food Delivery Market

The online food delivery market in India is experiencing rapid growth, presenting a significant opportunity for Zomato. With its strong brand presence and an ever-expanding customer base, Zomato is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth and maintain its market dominance.

Increased Profitability

To enhance its long-term value and attractiveness to investors, Zomato is actively working to improve profitability. Through cost-cutting measures and revenue enhancement strategies, the company is on track to achieve higher profitability, which could positively impact its share price.

Strategic Partnerships

Zomato is forging strategic partnerships with other prominent players in the industry, such as Uber Eats and Swiggy. These alliances enable Zomato to broaden its reach and attract a larger customer base, potentially driving its share price upward.

Zomato’s Share Price Prediction for 2023-2050

While it’s important to note that these predictions are subject to change based on market dynamics, here is a potential trajectory for Zomato’s share price from 2023 to 2050:

zomato share price prediction 2023: INR 100

By 2023, Zomato’s share price is expected to reach INR 100, primarily driven by its sustained growth in the online food delivery market and ongoing efforts to enhance profitability.

zomato share price prediction 2024: INR 150

The share price is projected to further rise to INR 150 in 2024. Continued market expansion and strategic partnerships are anticipated to play a significant role in this growth.

zomato share price prediction 2025: INR 200

Zomato’s share price is expected to hit INR 200 in 2025, fueled by its efforts to establish a stronger international presence in addition to its continued domestic growth.

zomato share price prediction 2030: INR 300

By 2030, Zomato’s share price is predicted to soar to INR 300, bolstered by its position as a global leader in the online food delivery industry.

zomato share price prediction 2040: INR 500

Looking ahead to 2040, Zomato’s share price could reach INR 500, propelled by sustained growth, market dominance, and potential expansion into new markets.

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Other Factors Affecting zomato’s Share Price

While the aforementioned factors are key drivers of Zomato’s share price growth, several external elements could influence its trajectory:

Changes in the Regulatory Environment

As the regulatory landscape for the online food delivery sector evolves, any significant changes could impact Zomato’s operations and, consequently, its share price.

Entry of New Competitors

The entry of new competitors into the market may intensify competition, potentially affecting Zomato’s market share and share price.

Economic Conditions

The overall economic conditions in India could influence consumer spending habits on food delivery services, impacting Zomato’s business and share price.


Zomato is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, given its strong market position, focus on profitability, and strategic partnerships. While predictions suggest a potential increase in share price, investors should conduct thorough research and consider various factors before making investment decisions.

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