After X, Facebook, and Instagram, Blue Tick will be available on WhatsApp also, know the process here

Blue Tick

Now like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is also going to get blue tick. This is a small mark which indicates that the account you are talking to is genuine. But not everyone will get this blue tick. This will be only for business accounts of WhatsApp. Meaning, that if you are talking to a shop or company on WhatsApp, they may have a blue tick.

Who can get a blue tick?

This news has been given by a website named WhatsAppinfo, which is quite reliable in giving information about WhatsApp. He said that with the upcoming updates, a new feature will come on WhatsApp, which will help some businesses. Ness accounts will be able to get a blue tick. When this update arrives, you will see a new option in the settings of your WhatsApp Business account, through which you will be able to verify your account.

What is the verification process?

Just like X (formerly Twitter), WhatsApp business accounts will be able to get the blue tick, but after a process. This process will have to be completed, in which some money may also have to be paid. It is not sure yet how much money will be spent.

How to get a blue tick?

To get a blue tick on WhatsApp, first of all, you must have a business account. Although optional, verification can help make your account appear more trustworthy and genuine. The thing to note is that you can use your WhatsApp business account even without verification. Through WhatsApp business accounts, companies will be able to provide a better and more secure experience.