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Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index

The Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index (TAIEX) is a vital stock market index that serves as a barometer for the aggregate performance of listed stocks on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). Being the most prominent and frequently quoted index of Taiwanese public company stocks, the TAIEX holds significant importance in the realm of financial markets and investment strategies.

The Birth and Methodology of TAIEX

The TAIEX was introduced in 1967 with the base year being 1966, assigned a value of 100. The index is updated and disseminated every 5 seconds, allowing real-time insights into the market’s performance. As a capitalization-weighted index, the influence of each stock is determined by its market capitalization, making larger companies exert more impact on the index’s movement.

The Significance of Free-Float

TAIEX is a free-float index, meaning it comprises only shares available for public trading. This characteristic ensures the index accurately reflects the true performance of the Taiwanese stock market and is less affected by restricted or closely held shares.

TAIEX as a Benchmark for Investment

Investors frequently employ the TAIEX as a benchmark when evaluating the performance of Taiwanese stocks. Its widespread use extends to derivative products like futures and options, where it serves as a reference point.

Analyzing the Taiwanese Economy

Economists and analysts utilize the TAIEX to gauge the health of the Taiwanese economy. The index’s fluctuations provide insights into the overall economic conditions and its interplay with global financial markets.

Volatility and Long-term Trends

Recent years have witnessed fluctuations in the TAIEX due to global financial uncertainties. However, the index has demonstrated a long-term upward trend. As of March 8, 2023, the TAIEX stood at 16,946.71, an impressive rise from its low point of 3,485.62 in 2008.

Top Companies Driving TAIEX

Some of the largest companies in the TAIEX as of March 8, 2023, include:

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)

TSMC stands as the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, providing chips to prominent companies like Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.

Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)

Foxconn, a contract electronics manufacturer, assembles products for tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Sony.

China Mobile (Taiwan)

China Mobile (Taiwan) holds the distinction of being the largest mobile phone operator in Taiwan, catering to over 20 million customers.

United Microelectronics Corporation

United Microelectronics Corporation ranks as the second-largest semiconductor foundry in Taiwan, producing chips for companies like AMD, Nvidia, and Broadcom.

Cathay Financial Holding

Cathay Financial Holding assumes the position of the largest financial holding company in Taiwan, offering a range of financial services including banking, insurance, and securities trading.

Fubon Financial Holding

Fubon Financial Holding is the second-largest financial holding company in Taiwan, providing a comprehensive suite of financial services.


MediaTek is a notable fabless semiconductor company, specializing in designing and marketing system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for mobile handsets, home entertainment, networking, and other consumer electronics products.

China Steel Corporation

China Steel Corporation ranks as the largest steelmaker in Taiwan, producing a wide array of steel products, including hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, and plate.

The Value of TAIEX for Investors

The TAIEX is an indispensable tool for investors seeking to monitor the performance of the Taiwanese stock market. Its real-time updates and accurate representation of the market provide crucial information for investment decisions.

Derivative Products and TAIEX

The TAIEX’s role as a reference point for derivative products like futures and options makes it an essential metric for traders and investors to assess market sentiment and trends.

The TAIEX as an Economic Indicator

As a barometer of Taiwanese economic conditions, the TAIEX helps analysts and policymakers in understanding the broader economic landscape and guiding decision-making.


The Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index (TAIEX) holds a prominent place in the world of finance and investment. Its capitalization-weighted methodology, coupled with real-time updates, offers valuable insights into the performance of listed stocks on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The index’s free-float nature ensures an accurate representation of the Taiwanese stock market. While its inclusion in derivative products cements its role as a key reference point for investors and traders. Moreover, the TAIEX’s fluctuating yet upward long-term trend underlines its significance. As a reliable economic indicator for analysts and policymakers alike.

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