WhatsApp Enables Large File Sharing and Introduces Android Quick Share Feature

Quick Share Feature

Google and Samsung recently upgraded Android’s default file-sharing system, Nearby Share, and renamed it Quick Share. This new feature allows for easy file sharing between Android phones and computers running Chrome OS and Windows. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will make it easy to share files with nearby friends. This new feature will use Bluetooth, and it is hidden in WhatsApp’s latest Android update.

Users Can Transfer Up to 2GB of Files

With this feature, users can send up to 2GB of files to their nearby friends quickly and easily. There is no need to hassle with sending files in chats or cloud storage anymore. Note that both users must be in WhatsApp’s “File Share” section until the file transfer is complete.

Users Must Shake Their Phones

This new method of file sharing is just as secure as it is in WhatsApp normally. This means that no outside person can snoop. The fun part is that both users must shake their phones vigorously, like they are giving a high five, to send the file. And the best part? No one’s phone number will be visible during the process, so people who are not in your contact list will not be able to see it.

WhatsApp’s New Feature

Although this new WhatsApp feature seems quite useful, it also feels a bit boring after Google and Samsung’s “Quick Share” feature. However, if it works on both iOS and Android phones, it could be a game-changer. Otherwise, other platforms are already providing good ways to send files.

New Features Added for Channels

WhatsApp has added four new features for channels. Now, you can create polls in channels, send voice messages, have more than one admin, and your followers can also share channel updates on their status. These new features will make channels even more fun and interactive.