Why is the phone charger wire short? 

Why is the phone charger wire short? Know why companies do not provide long wires

Why mobile charger wire is short

Nowadays everyone uses smartphones. A charger is required to charge a smartphone. But have you ever noticed that the charger wire is always short? Why does this happen? Let us know why companies do not offer long wires.


Long wires have a higher risk of overheating and voltage drop. Overheating of wires poses a risk of fire, while voltage drop can damage the phone. This danger is less in shorter wires.


Small wires are portable and easy to carry. This makes it easier for users to charge their phones anywhere.


It costs less to make smaller wires. This saves the mobile companies, which they can pass on to the users by reducing the price of the phone.

There is danger in using the phone while charging.

According to some reports, mobile companies offer shorter cables for safety while charging smartphones. There is a risk of electric current spreading by talking while charging is on, which can lead to risk of fire or injury. Shorter cables can prevent people from using their phones while charging, thereby ensuring safety.

Overall, there are many reasons for keeping the phone charger wire short. Some of these reasons relate to security, portability, cost and design. In recent years, some mobile companies have also providing chargers with longer wires. These chargers often come with additional fees.

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