Amazfit introduced its first smart ring, which will be able to monitor emotional health along with physical

Amazfit introduced its first smart ring

You must have heard about smartwatches, which are considered better than ordinary watches. Smartwatch provides time as well as health-related information to the users, which the user can use for fitness. But technology is progressing day by day and now companies are bringing smart rings into the market. Amazfit has introduced its first smart ring at CES 2024, which comes with many health features. This ring is equipped with the latest technology and can be very useful to users. With the help of this ring, users can also monitor their emotional health. Let us tell you in detail about the features of this ring. 

Launched at CES 2024 

According to the information, the Amazfit Helio Ring has been launched in CES 2024. It has been introduced by Zepp Health. This smart ring will be made available for sale in the first half of the year 2024. This smart ring is equipped with sensors, which track the health of the user. Its design is similar to the smart rings of Noise and Boat. This smart ring of Amazfit will be available in two sizes 10 and 12. Its weight will be 3.9 grams and 4 grams. Titanium alloy material has been used in it. 

Features of Amazfit Helio Ring

The special thing about this smart ring is that it can monitor the user’s physical as well as emotional health. It is equipped with electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor and physical emotion stress indicator. Along with this, this ring is equipped with advanced health features like step count, calorie monitoring, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen (SpO2) saturation, body temperature, breathing, sleep tracking. The company has not disclosed anything about the battery. But it is being said that it will provide five days of battery backup.