You must have these five apps in your Android smartphone, you may need them at any time.

You must have these five apps in your Android smartphone, you may need them at any time.

Must have Apps on Smartphone: Nowadays most people use Android smartphones. Technology is advancing day by day and people can do most of their work with the help of smartphones. Whether you want to upload a document or share any information. Whether to pay the electricity bill or book a ticket. Nowadays you can do every work online. The government has also brought many such apps which help you. Today we are going to tell you about those apps that you can install on your smartphone. These apps will be very useful to you when needed. 

1. mAadhaar

mAadhaar app has been launched by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This app can be very useful for you. It gives you a lot of facilities. In this app, you can upload your documents digitally and keep them. You can digitally save your Aadhar card and many other documents in it and can show them when needed. With this, you will not need to take documents with you. 

2. My Gov

This app has also been launched by the government. Through this app you can give suggestions to government departments and ministries. If you want to give suggestions to the government regarding any scheme, then this app will be useful for you. You can download this app from Google Play Store. 


If you like to travel by your car then this app can prove useful for you. This app relieves you from carrying documents while traveling. You can keep a digital copy of your driving license and vehicle registration certificate in it. If your documents are checked somewhere, you can show them the digital copy through this app. Information about second-hand vehicles can also be checked through this app. 


This application has been prepared jointly by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the National e-Governance Division. It offers many types of facilities to the users. With its help, you can avail of government services. Many services are available here including Employees Provident Fund (EPF) information, PAN card, Aadhar card, DigiLocker, gas booking, mobile bill payment, and electricity bill payment. 

5. DigiLocker

This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app is very useful for everyone from job seekers to college students. You can save many documents including driving license, PAN card, Aadhar card etc. At the same time, students can keep their college certificates in it. With this, you will not need to keep hard copies of documents with you.