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The design of Google Search page on desktop is going to change, you will get all this soon

Google Search Page: Google is going to give desktop users a new option in ‘Google Search Page’. This option is already present in the mobile version. Know what this is.

Google Discover Feed Update: Google is working on ‘Discover Feed’ feature for desktop homepage. This feature is already present on the mobile app. When you open the Google app on mobile, you see feeds on the main page from where you get many updates without searching. Like weather, stock market situation, national and world news etc. Now the company is going to provide this feature on the home page of the desktop. Currently its testing is going on. Google spokeswoman Lara Levine told The Verge that ‘Discover Feed’ is currently being tested in India and may go live soon.

Lara Levin said that this is an important change because the company’s homepage is one of the most visited websites in the world. Google first released Discover Feed for US users on mobile devices in 2018, which was later made live for the world. Google’s Discover Feed not only makes it easier for users to track news and related articles but it also makes Google Search more engaging and informative for users. Also read about google and its history.

This feature is already present in Microsoft Edge

This feature is already present in Microsoft Edge browser. If you use this browser, you must have seen a column related to weather, news stories, trending topics and stock market on your home page. With the help of this feature, users get useful information quickly and they do not have to search much. At present, it is not known whether the company will provide the option to personalize the Discover feed like Microsoft Edge browser or not. In Edge browser, you can set the page as per your choice.