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What is Internet

At present, the Internet is a word with which everyone is familiar. Today life cannot be imagined without the internet. So how can the Internet be defined?

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a network spread all over the world, through which a computer can connect to any other computer in the world. It is a network of interconnected computers .

Various types of protocol technologies are used on the Internet, through which various tasks are performed. Considering the usage of the internet today, this facility is available in almost all cities and even villages.

who discovered the internet?

Inventing the Internet was not the work of any one person but it was discovered by many scientists and engineers. During the Winter War in 1957, America suggested an idea and decided to create a technology after which you would be able to easily connect one computer to another. Whose suggestion was liked by everyone and they passed it. Now that suggestion is useful in today’s time. 1980 it was named Internet. Nowadays it is called the lifeline of the people. Click here to read about Google derive.

Internet Revolution

Just as the ‘ Green Revolution ‘ was carried out to increase the production of crops in the country, the’ White Revolution ‘ was carried out to increase the area of ​​milk production, similarly, the way the Internet is used in this century, seems that As if the present time is of ‘Internet Revolution’ because with the speed with which new inventions and facilities are coming in its field every day, its development will reach even remote areas. Apart from this, facilities like 3G and 4G also give a feeling of revolution in this field.

Internet Impotence


Through the Internet, you can search for things from all over the world from wherever you are. With this, you can know about any disease, different types of food in some places, and many other things. Because it provides you with all kinds of facilities.

Availability of Internet service (Internet service provider)

The Internet can be used through various browsers designed for it, such as -: Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. The organizations that provide Internet facilities to consumers are called Internet Services Providers [ISPs]. Some big companies providing this facility in India are -:

  • BSNL.,
  • Vodafone,
  • Airtel,
  • idea,
  • The Aircel.

what is Internet journalism?

Internet journalism is very popular these days. Everyone likes to work on this. Through this, every kind of news easily reaches you wherever you are. You don’t have to do anything, you can know any kind of information just by opening the app on your phone. Internet has become the best medium for journalism and it has made everyone’s work easier. Now through this, you can easily do your work even sitting at home.

Uses & Needs of Internet

Wherever we look today, we see the use and need of the Internet. Thus, its importance is very high, which can be shown in some points as follows -:

Need in the field of education [Uses of Internet in Education] -:

The Internet has contributed a lot to the development of education. For this we can understand it in the following way -:

  • Taking Exams:- GMAT, GRE, SAT, Banking exams, and various entrance exams are taken online these days.
  • Getting Training:- Online training facilities for courses like Software, Networking, Web Technology, Company Secretary, etc. can be availed through the Internet only.
  • Distance Learning:- You get the opportunity to get an education from various universities sitting at home only through the Internet.

In the field of medical science [Internet uses for Medical field] -:

  • The medical field has also become much easier through the internet, such as -:
  • Records of any patient are easily accessible and there is convenience in his treatment.
  • Hospital management becomes easier.
  • It has become possible to get consultations from doctors from foreign countries at low cost sitting at home.
  • New inventions have also helped, etc.

Getting detailed information [Large volume of Information] -:

Internet Google

By using the Internet, we can get detailed information regarding any subject, be it education, medicine, technology, or any other field. The easiest means of providing past and present information about all these areas with statistics is the Internet. 

In this, we can get information in written form as well as through the Internet.

Information about News:-

All the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the world are easily available on the Internet. Whatever information you need, type it, and that news or that journal will be available to you.

Online or Net Banking:-

If we have any bank work today, then we do not need to go to the bank and stand in line and wait for it. All we need is to start online banking or net banking facility in our account and then through the internet we can do any banking related work like -: depositing money, fund transfer, bill etc. Deposit, recharge, etc. can be done easily while sitting at home.


Now the Internet is being used on a large scale in business also. Big companies use video conferencing to make business decisions spread across different countries. Considering its usefulness and convenience, it has also received legal recognition. If we talk about some big e-commerce companies, today the biggest company among them is – Flipkart, which is being given tough competition by another company in the same sector, Amazon.

M-Commerce [Mobile Commerce]:-

The use of the Internet on computers is very old, but Internet facilities on mobile started only a decade or two ago. Today, even if someone does not have a computer, it is not possible that he does not have a mobile phone. Therefore, by combining the internet with mobile, both these businesses have expanded their scope while complementing each other. Due to this increasing utility, not only have these companies benefited, but the end users have also benefited a lot. These companies have also designed special apps for mobiles and every work which could be done through computer internet can now be done through mobile internet on smartphones.

Mode of Communication:-

No matter where in the world a person lives if we want to establish contact with him or send a message to him, or want to talk to him or hold a meeting, then it is possible through the Internet. For this, facilities like sending messages through Gmail, video calling through Skype, talking through chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are available.

Means of entertainment [Entertainment]:-

The Internet is also widely used for entertainment. Movies, serials, jokes, computer games, social media, and whatnot from all over the world are available on the internet for our entertainment.

Online Freelancer:-

People have got a very good opportunity through the Internet, through which they can showcase their talent using the Internet sitting at home and can also earn money through their skills.

Data Sharing:-

Through the Internet, you can send necessary data or any file to any person organization, or any company. In work systems like work from home, work is done through this.

Online Booking:-

Today, if you have to go somewhere, you prefer to book through the Internet instead of reaching that place, this not only saves you time and resources but also saves you from unnecessary problems. are also saved. These include online train and bus ticket booking, movie show booking, hotel booking, etc.

Features/Benefits of the Internet

Nowadays people can tell the features of the Internet very well because the whole life of people nowadays and their work depends on it. It has many features and benefits because everyone likes to do many types of work through it. Nowadays, during the lockdown, it was the internet that kept people’s lives in check. Through this, people have used it as a means to overcome problems like lockdown and corona. Nowadays, you will find the internet available on everyone’s phone in every house. Which you can use anywhere.

harm from internet

There are many advantages of the internet, but there are equally many disadvantages because due to this you become a victim of many problems. For example, anyone can easily blackmail you through cybercrime. Because of this, the Internet is full of losses for you. Due to this, many people have had to face a lot of problems and people don’t know what kind of problems they have suffered. That’s why the internet is harmful.

How to test internet speed

For this, a link is given through which you can easily test the internet speed. By clicking on www.speedtestokla  you can test your internet speed and can also see how many connections have been connected.

Thus, today you cannot even imagine your work without Internet. This makes the usefulness and necessity of the Internet clear in the present times.

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Q: Who discovered the Internet?

Ans: The Internet was discovered by scientists and engineers.

Q: How can you test internet speed?

Ans: You can test the internet speed through this link peedtestokla.

Q: What is the disadvantage of the Internet?

Ans: You can become a victim of cybercrime through the internet.

Q: What are the benefits of the Internet?

Ans: You can use the Internet in every form like mobile, computer, etc.

Q: What is the Internet nowadays?

Ans: Nowadays, the Internet is the medium through which people are moving towards their progress.

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